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2 Stroke HANGKAI Outboard Motor Engine For Inflatable Boats Gas Oil

2 Stroke HANGKAI Outboard Motor Engine For Inflatable Boats Gas Oil

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This 2 Stroke HANGKAI Outboard Motor Engine is perfect for inflatable boats, as it was designed to provide reliable power and reliable performance. Its lightweight design makes it easy to transport, and its powerful 2 stroke engine delivers optimal fuel efficiency and power. This HANGKAI outboard motor is a great choice for an efficient and reliable outboard motor.

Available 3.5 horsepower and above, please message me to ask about the price.

Below is the information for 12hp \/

Enjoy Sailing: The 2-stroke 12hp engine with 5500rpm can provide 551lbs thrust and 25km/h speed to give you a comfortable and labor-saving sailing experience.

Multi-gear Cruise: This product has three gears for infinitely variable transmission: forward gear, neutral gear, and reverse gear, and you can also cruise at a constant speed so that you can enjoy different cruise experiences according to your needs.

Convenient to Use: The CDI ignition device and manual start allows you to start quickly and safely. The flameout switch on the handle allows you to stop the engine with one button, providing convenience and saving time.

Excellent Heat Dissipation: Its water cooling system helps to cool the motor and has better performance. The design of the vent can also extend its service life.

User-friendly: The ergonomic control handle allows you to turn easily. The equipped silencer brings you a quieter sailing experience. And the 6.34Gal external oil tank saves you the trouble of adding oil frequently.

Premium Material: This product is made of high-quality aluminum, which is fracture-resistant, corrosion resistance, acid resistance, and not easy to deform, making it suitable for use in water. Due to its simple structure and complete accessories, you can easily install it on your boat and have a more comfortable sailing experience.

Silencer Cover: The silencer cover can absorb the noise generated by the fan through the internal sound-absorbing material, thus providing a quieter working environment.

Three-blade Propeller: The three-blade propeller and streamlined design can reduce water resistance and provide greater power during operation.

Anti-swirl Plate: The anti-swirl plate can effectively reduce the turbulence of the waves and avoid water-wetting clothes.

Clamping Device: The included clamping device makes you easily adjust the position of the outboard motor according to the height of the tail of the hull for better propulsion.


This outboard motor applies to small ships within 19.69ft in length and 661 lbs weight, such as inflatable boats, iron boats, plastic boats, fiberglass boats, and wooden boats. It is widely used in fishery, aquaculture, outdoor exploration, etc.

Package Included

1* Outboard Motor
1* Flameout Rope
1* Oil Pipe
1* 24L Fuel Tank
1* Split Pin
1* Spark Plug
1* Water Pump Impeller
1*Starting Rope
1* Paper Pad
1* English Instruction Manual
All Needed Accessories


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