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Bris Inflatable Boat Assault Tender Raft Dinghy PVC 12.5 ft Fishing Dive Rescue Boat BSA380

Bris Inflatable Boat Assault Tender Raft Dinghy PVC 12.5 ft Fishing Dive Rescue Boat BSA380

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The BSA380 Black inflatable boat are made by 2000 Denier 1.2mm PVC fabric with aluminum floor board and marine plywood transom. It is a much more heavy-duty PVC fabric than 1100 Denier 0.9mm PVC boats. We also have added double layers of fabric at the bottom of the tubes. This allows 2.4mm of lower tube protection from sharp rocks and abrasive sands. This model is designed for daily pleasure or professional use. It is built strong enough to take max 25 hp engines, Special reinforced fabrics and a durable floor will handle you and all of your gear, year after year. Whether you choose to stay on-board or roll off the pliable sides with your dive tanks on, the BSA380 Black is ready for your next outing.


● Main tube and bottom floor fabric : 2000 denier 1.2mm PVC

● 12.5mm thickness aluminum floor and marine plywood transom for outboard motor

● Double layers of fabric at the bottom of the tubes

● Five individual chambers, One -way drain valve with plug

● Aluminum side joiners with rubber ends

● Deep V-keel with rub-strake protection, Built-in oarlock for easy rowing

● Nine Interior tie down stainless steel D-rings

● Two large tow stainless steel D-rings on bow and rear tubes

● Package included: inflatable boat, aluminum floor, aluminum seat, oars, foot pump, carry bag and repair kit .


Overall Length 12.5 ft / 380 cm

Inside Length 8.33 ft / 254 cm

Overall Width 5.58 ft / 170cm

Inside Width 33 inch / 83cm

Tube Diameter 18.1 inch/ 46 cm

Chambers 3 +1

Max Capacity 1675lbs /760kgs

Max Hp 25 hp

Boat Weight 180 lbs / 82 kgs

Floor Design Aluminum

Floor Color Black

How to properly operate inflatable boat air valve.

The valve has a special pushpin inside. This pushpin has two positions, both up and down. When it is pressed in the down position, air will escape. If you turn the pushpin in any direction it will pop up. This will lock air inside and prevent it from escaping through the valve. Before inserting the air pump tube into the valve, please make sure that the pushpin is in the upper, popped up position. Once the pin is in the "popped up" position, insert the air pump tube into the valve and inflate the boat until it becomes hard. Once you remove the air pump, air will seal the valve and will no longer escape. If you would like to deflate the boat later on, press down on the pushpin and turn it in any direction until it stays in the pressed down position. Air will immediately escape from the tubes thru the valve.

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