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BRIS Inflatable Boat Electric Air Pump In Built Battery or 12v

BRIS Inflatable Boat Electric Air Pump In Built Battery or 12v

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Inflation speed

greatest pressure

minimum pressure


gross weight

net weight

Continuous working time ≥1H

Power cord length 3M

Inflatable tube length 2M

Instructions for use

The fully automatic electric air pump uses a 12V DC power supply with a maximum current of 20A or you can go for the inbuilt battery version. Please specify which pump you wish to purchase. For the 12v pump, please connect it directly to the car battery or use your own electric car battery; please be sure to adjust the inflation pressure before inflating, which can be pre-set through the red dial.

If inflating the rubber boat, please adjust the pressure value to 25 (or the corresponding pressure value) on the scale, and the inflation pressure of the keel is 35; if inflating the inflatable brushed floor, adjust the pressure to 60. Improper pressure setting can cause fatal damage to the rubber boat. Please pay attention! When wiring, please pay attention to the positive and negative poles. The red one is the positive pole. The inflation principle of the fully automatic air pump is: first use a fan to inflate the inflatable boat (inflatable floor) Inflate to 80% (no pressure), then fill it up with a manual pump, and the air pump will automatically stop working. Pull out the inflation tab and continue to inflate the next air chamber.

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