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Bike Box Express Quickfit hardcase | ABS Hard Bike Case

Bike Box Express Quickfit hardcase | ABS Hard Bike Case

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Only the wheels and pedals are removed, not the handlebars or TT bars. 😁

Since the Bike Box is the largest bike box on the market, it comes as no surprise that all road and triathlon bikes fit inside, with plenty of room for wet suits, shoes, and equipment.

🔥 🔥 Enjoy peace of mind with our product, backed by a free lifetime replacement!

Usually, all you have to take off are the wheels and pedals if you have an aero road bike or a triathlon cycle with or without hydraulic disc brakes. Therefore, if the Road handlebar assembly or the TT handlebar cannot be disassembled. This bike crate is also ideal if you just want to remove the bare minimum of components.

Case Info

👍 Weight: 14 kg

👍 Dimensions: 135cm x 104cm x 51cm

👍 Padding Included to improve safety

👍 Spacious interior

👍 straps for fastening in black Velcro

👍 Packing can be completed in less than 5 minutes

👍 Minimal disassembly—only removing the wheels and pedals is necessary. Handlebar and seats dont have to be adjusted.

👍 crafted to support the newest models of bicycles.


The Bike Box is able to be used for

✅ Road Bikes

✅ Mountain Bikes

✅ Gravel Bikes

✅ Cyclocross Bikes

✅ Touring Bikes



📏 180cm or below --> wheels and pedals off

📏 180cm or above --> rear Derailleur/seat post adjustment

📏 190cm or above --> reduce reach of TT/handlebars

🚵‍♂️ Mountain bikes --> remove handlebar and forks


Through Axels: Securing the wheels within the wheel wells of the bike box is achieved using cushioned Velcro straps, ensuring safety while allowing the axles to remain within the bicycle frame.

Deep Dish Wheels: The Bike Box is designed to accommodate deep dish rims, making it compatible with a wide range of wheel configurations.

Fits three wheels: Inside the Bike Box, there's ample space for three slim road wheels. This makes it an ideal choice for triathletes who may wish to race with either a solid rear disc wheel or a standard rear wheel. Upon request, an additional anti-crush pole for a second solid disc wheel can be provided.

For road tires that lack tubes, they can be easily inserted into the designated wheel wells on either side of the Bike Box. It's recommended to reduce the air pressure by 5% for added safety during transport.

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